The Clock Is Ticking: 3 Steps To Take The Moment You Fall Victim To A Ransomware Attack

ransomware attack

3. Engage Your Legal Counsel

Over the next several hours, you’ll need a point person to coordinate who does what and outline who makes decisions and what happens next. “Your legal partner can help quarterback this process,” Anglim says.

Indeed, at Outside General Counsel™ Solutions, the firm’s well-seasoned Outside General Counsels can play many roles in helping a company navigate a ransomware attack, including engaging with the federal government and helping to determine whether you’re going to pay the ransom.

Earlier this year, FBI Director Christopher Wray stated in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that while the federal government discourages targets of such cyberattacks from paying a ransom, he also encouraged companies to cooperate with the FBI in their investigations into the attacks, to help determine who was behind the attacks and figure out ways to foil the bad actors. “There may be some resources available if you contact the FBI in a timely manner,” Anglim notes.

Again, the keyword here is “timely.” The average time it takes a company to recover from a ransomware attack and regain operation abilities is 33 hours, but companies that aren’t prepared could experience even longer recovery times.

The upshot? “Twelve hours after an attack, you should already be deep into your response,” Anglim warns. “The fate of your company depends on it.”

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