Outside General Counsel™ Solutions Legal Alert: 3 Tips On How To Protect Your Company From Ransomware Attacks

3 Tips On How To Protect Your Company From A Ransomware Attack

3. Leverage Your Legal Partner

When contracting with a new technology partner, be sure to engage your legal counsel to evaluate the partnership agreement and contractual terms. “Your legal advisor can be the point-person for managing your IT partnerships,” says Chris Santomassimo, founding partner at Outside General Counsel™ Solutions. The firm also works with its clients to evaluate their cyber insurance policies and coordinate with IT providers to understand who does what in the event of a ransomware attack.

“Clients consider us the quarterback in managing their cybersecurity challenges,” he said. Often, Santomassimo and his colleagues will sit down with a client and conduct tabletop exercises to see how they’ll respond in the event of a cybersecurity threat. “It’s like playing baseball,” he says. “You don’t go on the field without practicing.” Similarly, he said, companies shouldn’t approach cybersecurity without a well-thought-out, practiced plan in place. “If a worst-case scenario happens, at least you’ll be prepared.”

How OGC Solutions Can Help Your Business Manage its Cybersecurity Partners and Policies

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