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The Outside General Counsel Solutions™ at Santomassimo Davis LLP is designed to provide affordable, high-quality services to work toward your business goals and offer legal guidance whenever needed. We will help you minimize risk through a number of services, including:

  • Starting your business on the right foot
  • Providing human resources and compliance counseling
  • Creating or improving company policies
  • Reviewing contracts and licenses
  • Litigating disputes
  • Completing mergers and acquisitions

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OGC Solutions® Case Studies

Our team of highly experienced and talented Outside General Counsel attorneys share a breadth of knowledge and expertise that makes us well equipped for almost any kind of case. Our firm is dedicated to legal education, meaning we never stop learning how to tackle the evolving risks and liabilities businesses face today.

Contracting with outside counsel can be an inconsistent experience. At Santomassimo Davis LLP, each member of our highly seasoned legal team quickly gets up to speed with our clients, allowing for consistency and quality of services. By embedding our attorneys within a client’s company, we are able to take a proactive approach to potential liabilities.

Showing you how successful our Outside General Counsel Solutions™ has been to our clients over the years is a lot more effective than telling you. Read our case studies, that illustrate our diverse abilities and depth of creative solutions.

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How Outside General Counsel Solutions™ Is Revolutionizing The Legal Marketplace

Cost-effective. Proactive. A trusted partner. These are some of the terms that clients regularly use to describe Outside General Counsel Solutions, a New Jersey-based law firm with offices in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia that provides clients with a virtual legal department for a fixed monthly fee.

Here are 3 key reasons to hire Outside General Counsel™ for your business and how our team of highly experienced attorneys can help tackle your companies risks.

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Powerful Startup Lawyers Providing Small Business Legal Advice

Starting a business takes planning, but many startups either don’t know what to do, who to approach and often find themselves stuck. We have found a way to apply our proven OGC Solutions® platform to your small business with OGC Seed™ Solutions. We leverage our experience working with mature companies to provide small business legal advice that can help your business in a cost-effective and efficient manner as compared to traditional legal solutions.

Understanding how to structure your start-up with steps to success, and protection from outside forces can help give your business the foundation for lasting success. Businesses do not want to make a large, upfront payment for legal work, as every dollar is essential to operating your business. We understand that.

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