What are Outside General Counsel ™ & OGC Solutions ®?

Unfortunately, not all companies can hire a General Counsel or a legal department. Although, they need a dedicated team of business-minded go-to legal counsel who knows their business. The answer is Santomassimo Davis LLP’s Outside General Counsel Solution. Our firm becomes your virtual legal department, and we have deep experience in all of the areas that mid-cap businesses need each day. 

The spectrum of our experience spans the gamut, from contracts to employment law; from managing customer disputes to managing global trademark portfolios; leasing, acquiring, and disposing of commercial and industrial real estate; and commercial litigation and trials, to name just a few.  

We have experienced General Counsels with “Big Law” experience who serve sophisticated global companies, and we bring that experience to mid-cap companies with fixed fees and other cost-effective engagements that give clients 24/7 access to the help they need to manage their risk without breaking the bank. Our  team approach is what sets us apart from other firms that claim to offer a similar service.   

Santomassimo Davis LLP – Helping You Manage Risk Every Day®

There are many advantages to hiring additional counsel, and that’s why it’s important to  focus on these considerations when making such an important decision.

Let our team at OGC Solutions provide you with the best and most trusted Outside General Counsel in the tri-state! We can be the bridge to growing your business.

Contact us to discuss how an  Outside General Counsel™ solution would create a virtual legal department for your company.