Whether you are an entrepreneur in New Jersey who is just getting a new venture off the ground or someone who has been managing a business and innovations for some time, you will need to be educated about how to protect your business from competition. To some degree, competition can be a positive market force but certainly there are things you do not want your competitors to be able to use against you and that you want to retain for your use only.

Intellectual property is a general term that refers to a myriad of things you have developed and may want to prevent others from taking advantage of. The United States Patent and Trademark Office explains that there are different types of protections available for you to apply for based upon the type of intellectual property involved.

A patent may well be the first protection you want to consider as this is used to protect something you have invented. This may be either a product or even a means of manufacturing a product. A patent grants the holder exclusive rights to the invention for a set period of time. A trademark identifies a certain name or logo as belonging to your company only. A copyright identifies a creative work including an ad you might use to market your products or services as yours and not able to be copied by others.  

If you would like to learn more about the different types of intellectual property you might need to protect and the tools available to help you do that, please feel free to visit the trademark, patent and copyright page of our New Jersey business and intellectual property website.