Businesses in New Jersey know that there are many laws, some federal and some state, that they must comply with. Some of these laws pertain to employee rights and fair treatment and can become part of how a company takes care of its people and creates a strong company culture. In recent years, the subject of paid leave from work has become a hot topic across the country. Until just recently, only the District of Columbia and nine states have passed legislation requiring employers to provide some form of paid leave to their workers.

Now, however, there are 10 states in addition to the District of Columbia that have laws in place regarding paid leave from work. As reported by, the Governor of New Jersey recently signed into law the New Jersey Earned Sick and Safe Days Act which will go into effect this autumn on October 30.

The number of hours or days that a given employee may take off as paid is directly connected to how many hours they work for their employer. For every 30 hours of employment logged, a worker will earn one hour of paid leave up to a maximum of five days per year. The five days or less may be carried over from one year to another although it is not known if at some point this amount caps.

The state is planning a concerted effort to educate employers and employees alike about the new program and will tasks its Department of Labor and Workforce Development with the oversight of the law.