Companies in New Jersey that have enjoyed long-standing relationships with other businesses should never take these connections for granted. While it would be nice to count on continued good relationships, sometimes disputes will still arise and they can even put former collaborators at odds with each other in court. Such is the case for one event promoter and a facility operator, both involved in motor bike racing.

As reported by The Daily Journal, the plaintiff in the case is a company called Team Pro-Motion. They are in the business of organizing and hosting bike racing events. The defendant is New Jersey Motorsports Park, a facility that for several years had hosted events held by Team Pro-Motion. At the heart of the matter is the cancellation of Team Pro-Motion’s contract with New Jersey Motorsports Park.

The defendant alleges that it took these steps because the plaintiff failed to pay past bills and was also unable to provide deposits for future events. The plaintiff, on the other hand, alleges that the two companies had a payment plan in place and denies any additional lack of ability to pay. The lawsuit names several issues including breach of contract, defamation, attempted access of trade secrets and more.

Actual damages of at least $75,000 are being sought in addition to penalties or punitive amounts. Companies in this situation might find assistance from a business attorney in New Jersey useful to fully understand how to navigate disputes with other entities they had once enjoyed mutually beneficial business relationships with.