NJ Business Bankruptcy Lawyer 

Our New Jersey business bankruptcy lawyer assists financially troubled companies and individuals by examining all available options to achieve cost-effective solutions.  Our team has handled all aspects of insolvency proceedings and has represented various stakeholders including debtors, committees, trade creditors, vendors, and trustees in Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 proceedings.

Our team combines its attorneys’ experiences across various practice groups that leverage years of experience in litigation, corporate law, and business transactions to effectively advise on corporate restructuring, reorganization, liquidation, sales of distressed assets, and more.

Our team also consists of Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys and Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys who can assist with bankruptcy filings and insolvency proceedings of other businesses.  For these clients, we are often engaged to handle preference and fraudulent transfer actions, the pursuit of claims through insolvency proceedings, and advising on the purchase of distressed assets.

NJ Corporate Restructuring Attorneys

Financial distress impacts businesses of all sizes and across industries.  A proper business restructuring lawyer can help minimize the disruption to operations and guide a company to an organized and cost-effective resolution—whether through a reorganization of the business affairs or liquidation through sales of assets.

Our corporate restructuring attorneys assist these distressed companies by exploring all options to implement an efficient and cost-effective strategy, in line with the short and long-term goals of the principal stakeholders.

Bankruptcy Litigation

The pace of bankruptcy proceedings often leads to  litigation of all types.  Our team can assist with preserving and protecting the rights and remedies of various parties with respect to the following:

  • Preferential and fraudulent transfer litigation
  • Relief from the automatic stay 
  • Litigation of claims and validity, extent and priority of liens
  • Prosecuting and/or defending the non-dischargeability of debts

Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Representation

Our attorneys regularly represent businesses and individuals who are impacted by the  Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings and state court insolvency proceedings of other businesses. Our team of bankruptcy attorneys assists both unsecured and secured creditors in the enforcement and preservation of their rights and claims against insolvent estates.

Our experience includes representations of landlords, vendors, lenders, and other trade creditors in the following areas:

  • Claim allowance disputes including the validity, extent, and priority of liens and claims
  • Sale/acquisition of distressed debt and assets including the negotiation of purchase agreements, bidding procedures, and stalking horse bidder protections
  • Auction participation
  • Plan negotiation and contested plan confirmation issues
  • Out-of-court workouts and composition agreements
  • Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors and state court receiverships

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