Corporate Compliance and Governance

The news is filled with examples of companies who find themselves in trouble because of employees’ unethical or illegal behavior.  An effective corporate compliance and governance program is essential to avoiding those cases and protecting your company.  For many companies, such as public companies and government contractors, having an effective program is required, not optional, for their businesses. 

Our team draws on our decades of experience, and our Outside General Counsel™ focus is to create, audit, evaluate and monitor practical and defensible compliance and ethic programs.  We prepare:

  • policies
  • handbooks
  • training programs
  • code training to employees

We also conduct investigations in response to compliance reports.  For some clients, we act as the companies very own Outside Chief Compliance Officer. 

Managing compliance goes hand-in-hand with our business management work, including serving as our clients’ secretaries who handle:

  • periodic resolutions
  • managing board meetings
  • advising boards of directors

Why OGC Solutions?

There are many advantages to hiring additional counsel, that’s why it’s important to focus on these considerations when making such an important decision.

Let our team at OGC Solutions provide you with the best and most trusted Outside General Counsel™ in the tri-state! We can be the bridge to growing your business.

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Corporate Compliance and Governance