Safeguard Your Company From a Ransomware Attack With a Strong Cyber Insurance Policy

Cyber Insurance Policy

Leverage Your Legal Partner

“It’s long been my experience that lawyers are underutilized when it comes to buying insurance,” says Anglim, a seasoned insurance litigator who has represented policyholders in a wide variety of insurance coverage matters. “They don’t want to pay the hourly fees of expensive outside counsel,” he says. But clients who work with Anglim and Outside General Counsel™ Solutions can opt to pay a fixed monthly fee based on their individual needs, rather than a traditional retainer fee, which allows for financial predictability. Because of the firm’s unique fee structure, OGC clients are proactive at engaging the firm early in the process in numerous business matters, including shopping for cyber insurance.

Outside General Counsel™ Solutions can help business leaders find the right cyber insurance policy for your firm’s needs — and even negotiate the best price.
“We’ll help you develop a better insurance program upfront that will head off major headaches down the line,” Anglim says.

How OGC Solutions Can Help Your Business Manage its Cybersecurity Partners and Policies

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