Buyer Beware: Know The Difference Between Outside General Counsel vs. Outside General Counsel ™ Solutions





How Can You Benefit From Outside General Counsel ™ Solutions?

A shining example of a company that is reaping the benefits of Outside General Counsel ™ Solutions’ cost-effective, team approach is a multinational electronic components and printer manufacturing company. The firm initially retained Outside General Counsel™ Solutions to handle a sensitive employee termination. But as the law firm’s attorneys became embedded within the company, they have been able to advise on a host of other issues, ranging from private-label agreements, minimum advertised price policies, and manufacturing agreements. “We leveraged our entire portfolio of skillsets to help the company in every aspect of its business,” says Santomassimo. “That’s something that many outside general counsel providers simply don’t do.”

The bottom line? “Do your homework before engaging with an outside general counselor provider,” Santomassimo advises. “If you’re looking for a cost-effective legal partner with unmatched expertise and a proven process to help clients build their businesses, Outside General Counsel™ Solutions is the obvious choice.”


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