Discovery Counsel Solutions TM

Many investigations and litigation are won or lost in discovery. The truth lies in the records, which in today’s business climate can mean millions of emails and other electronic records. Without the right team and tools, mismanagement of discovery can break the bank and miss critical evidence, result in lost evidence, and subject a litigant to sanctions. Our  team can help you create systems to manage your records and minimize the expense in investigation and discovery.

Records Retention Programs: Before the Investigation

The time to think about records management is now – before an investigation or litigation erupts. A modern records retention program enables an organization to manage its records in a business-friendly way and avoids retaining more than it needs. We help clients create records retention and management programs. Including oversight of the programs as part of  Outside General Counsel™ Solutions.

Discovery Counsel Services

Our practice leverages decades of collective  experience to provide clients with cost-effective plans to manage the discovery problems that are part-and-parcel of complex litigation and investigations. The team focuses on assessing each case and developing a reasonable and defensible discovery plan. 

We use the latest tools to de-duplicate record sets and maximize quality and cost-effectiveness in all discovery-related activities, from start to finish: assessing and advising on the scope of the collection, implementing advanced de-duplication techniques, executing search-term validation, using highly advanced technology for accelerating or automating the review, and producing documents.

Lawyers experienced in large-scale discovery cases agree that in the era of email and electronic records, the focus of discovery is often more about what is not  produced, than what is actually produced. When a litigant fails to manage discovery, it may not produce the required discovery, inadvertently lose its records, and miss critical records that help its cause. Our Discovery Counsel Solutions TM avoid these pitfalls.  

Our Discovery Counsel Solutions TM can be paired with a client’s primary litigation counsel, to focus on discovery at reduced rates.

How We Can Help

The name of the game is efficiency, which combined with OGC Solutions ® preferred client rates, makes the discovery process strategic and cost-effective.

  • Oversee preservation and collection to avoid evidence loss
  • Streamline preservation and collection practices and develop discovery forms and guidelines
  • Engage the right vendors under the best pricing arrangements to cull and host data
  • Train in-house client lawyers on-site to handle e-discovery cost-effectively
  • Manage negotiations of realistic discovery orders
  • Manage document reviews in a cost-effective and accurate manner, minimizing costs through effective use of vendor selection and technology
  • Provide strategic counsel in connection with preservation, collection, de-duplicating, and production strategies for data sources
  • Deposition preparation and witness defense
  • Discovery motion practice, including spoliation and sanctions motions

Guardianship Cases

Individuals with serious developmental or cognitive disabilities or mental health issues often have difficulty caring for themselves or managing their finances independently. New Jersey law provides a process for parents, caregivers, and other loved ones to become the legal guardian of the person and/or property of their disabled loved ones once they have reached the age of 18.

We handle both sides of guardianship matters, representing petitioners seeking to become guardians or acting as private or court-appointed counsel of alleged incapacitated persons.

Why OGC Solutions?

There are many advantages to hiring additional counsel, that’s why it’s important to  focus on these considerations when making such an important decision.

Let our team at OGC Solutions ® provide you with the best and most trusted  Outside General Counsel in the tri-state! We can be the bridge to growing your business.

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