OGC Solutions’ 30-minute Update


COVID-19 vaccines have been a central topic of our conversations for nearly a year and will continue to be on the minds of employers as viral variants rise and spread.  Join Christopher Santomassimo of SDLLP | OGC Solutions for an “A to Z” discussion of the issues facing employers each day, such as whether and how to implement a mandatory vaccination program; managing employee objections and concerns, and employee testing; with updates to reflect the latest updates and requirements.


Topic: Vaccines – Navigating The Workplace Issues

When: Friday, September 10th, 2021 12:00pm – 12:30pm EST

Where: Virtual discussion to take place on Microsoft Teams meeting


Meet Our Speaker

Christopher M. Santomassimo

Chris Santomassimo  – Partner, Santomassimo Davis LLP

Christopher M. Santomassimo, a senior business-oriented General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer assist companies with a wide range of legal and business issues to manage the risk of their operations. Chris’s Outside General Counsel™ practice covers a broad spectrum of concerns facing business clients on a daily basis, such as employment counseling and defending companies against employment claims; ethics and compliance counseling; corporate investigations; advising company executives on business and legal issues; and all types of corporate transactions, to name a few.


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