On October 12, 2022, attorney Cara Fialkoff will be leading a webinar for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (“SCCE”) entitled “Managing the Employment Law Landscape with Changing Marijuana Policies.” This webinar will provide compliance officers and business leaders with an overview of the ever-changing landscape of medical and recreational marijuana use as well as the implication of expanded cannabis policies in the workplace.

“The regulations concerning marijuana and use are ever-changing and can be difficult to navigate especially when neighboring states have differing policies,” says Fialkoff. “This can be especially puzzling when a business has offices in a multitude of states or if the business has federal contracts.” During the webinar, information will also be provided about off-duty conduct laws and their consequences.

SCCE is a non-profit professional membership organization made up of more than 6,600 compliance and ethics professionals working in all industries. If you are interested in attending, you can register through SCCE here.