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How To Conduct A Workplace Investigation

New Jersey’s HR professionals have several tasks to manage, such as welcoming new employees and helping them personalize their 401(k) package. Unfortunately, HR workers may have to carry out some duties they could do without, such as how to conduct a workplace investigation.

If you work in HR, Chron provides suggestions on how to go about conducting employee investigations. Educate yourself on how to do a job well done and leave doubt on a permanent break.


Understand The Different Types of Employee Complaints

To better prepare yourself for a future investigation, it is best to know the different types of employee complaints that can lead to an investigation. Besides allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, white-collar crimes and safety regulation infractions are additional complaints often leveled against employees.


Keep It Under Wraps

Most workplace investigations come with the need for confidentiality. Besides protecting an employee’s privacy, confidentiality can help you remain as impartial as possible while conducting an investigation. Sharing details can churn up the office rumor mill, and there may be legal ramifications, as well.


Get All The details

Before launching an investigation, gather all the facts related to the person who initially filed the complaint. The report could be either petty or frivolous upon further investigation. Once you deem the complaint legitimate and have foundational facts, create a strategy for gathering all necessary information.


Focus On The Conclusion

There are no cold cases in HR investigations. From the beginning of an investigation, your every move should remain centered on a resolution. This focus helps you determine which company policies, witnesses, evidence and records to look into.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.


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