You need brand protection. We have you covered.

We offer trademark application services to assist companies in safeguarding their intellectual property and registering their trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our skilled trademark lawyers can guide you throughout the entire process of applying for a trademark, from evaluating and selecting strong and enforceable trademarks, conducting a thorough search to preparing and submitting your application. We collaborate with you to ensure that your application is thorough and precise, boosting the likelihood of approval.



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OGC Solutions ®: Your industry partner.

At OGC Solutions ®, we collaborate with businesses of all sizes and from a broad spectrum of industries to safeguard their  intellectual property  and realize their business objectives. Our skilled attorneys have assisted clients across various sectors, such as technology, retail, nutraceuticals, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.  We offer a diverse range of legal services, including trademark and copyright registration and IP litigation. Whatever field or sector you operate in, we can assist your company in protecting its intellectual property to help secure the future of your business.









How Much Does It Cost to Apply for a Trademark with OGC Solutions ®?

At OGC Solutions ®, we typically charge a flat fee to file U.S. trademark applications, which is based on a per-class basis. This means that the pricing is specific to the product or service you offer. For a one-class trademark application, we charge a $3,000 OGC Solutions ® legal fee plus a $350 USPTO filing fee per class of good or services, making it a total of $3,350 for one class. If you require additional classes, we charge a $150 OGC Solutions ® fee plus a $350 USPTO filing fee, making it a total of $500 for each additional class. The covers all of the legal fees and expenses to file and application for the registration of a trademark in the USPTO. It does not include fees for monitoring and reporting on your application or responding to USPTO inquires.

Our flat fee covers a range of services, including comprehensive trademark clearance searches, preparing and filing a trademark application, reporting the publication of your application, and reporting the registration of your mark, and providing you with an electronic certificate of registration. Additional legal fees may apply if your case requires work outside the scope of our service. The comprehensive search includes searching USPTO trademark records, state trademark registries, and unregistered uses found online.

We also charge additional fees for add-on services that are billed according to your attorney’s hourly rate. The amount of time required will depend on the complexity of your situation. Add-on services include telephone consultations, responding to USPTO Office Actions, negotiations or dispute resolution, opposition and cancellation proceedings, change of information filings, and assigning your application or registration to another company.

For non-U.S. filings, we offer services for filing U.S. registered trademarks in jurisdictions outside the U.S.A. We do not provide a flat fee for these filings as the services required depend on each jurisdiction and the type of trademark and number of classes. We do provide a detailed fee estimate based on the cost for pursuing registration in each foreign jurisdiction.

The process and cost of obtaining a trademark can differ based on various factors, such as the type of trademark sought, the goods and services linked with the trademark, and the intricacy of the application process. The cost of securing a trademark can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.  We often provide our registration services on a fixed fee basis after an initial no-cost evaluation.  Obtaining a trademark can also be a time-consuming and complex procedure, which makes it important to work with an experienced trademark attorney to ensure that the process is handled efficiently and effectively, and to ensure that your trademark is registered properly. At OGC Solutions ®, our team of skilled attorneys is equipped to guide you through the process and make the process of securing your trademark a smooth and successful experience.

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