New York Employees Granted Paid Leave Per Covid-19 Injection

new york paid leave

When Does The Law Expire?

This new law is currently set to expire on December 31, 2022. It should be noted that the law is silent as to whether it retroactively applies to employees who took paid leave to get a COVID-19 vaccine prior to March 12, 2021, and what, if any, documentation an employer can request of employees to verify their authorized use of vaccination leave.

What You Can Do, How We Can Help.

As a result of this legislation, New York employers should review and update their policies to reflect this additional leave entitlement. Santomassimo Davis LLP specializes in being the premier Outside General Counsel™ to mid-cap businesses.  For help with these issues or to learn more about the Outside General Counsel™ solution, contact us today. 

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