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After Opening in 1995, Santomassimo Davis LLP expanded to include an office in New York City in 2007. The office is above Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. Our New York office offers the same Outside General Counsel services and professionalism as our New Jersey and Philadelphia offices.

Our highly experienced team of business attorneys in New York is eager to learn the ins and outs of your business’s risks and liabilities. By providing your business with a full-service virtual legal department, you can expect top-quality services at a moment’s notice.

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Outside General Counsel ™ In New York

Why OGC™ Solutions?

We offer clients real fixed-fee billing for Outside General Counsel™ services, which gives clients financial predictability and creates a true virtual law department.  We determine the fixed fee based on a client’s individual needs, our experience, and national reference tools for law departments. This makes the entire firm available under the retainer.

OGC™ is not a “retainer” relationship in which a client pays in advance for a given number of attorney hours – which only benefits the law firm, not the client.  Some clients prefer a more traditional hourly services model. We provide the same OGC solution at cost-effective rates that are a fraction of those commonly seen elsewhere in the marketplace.

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Learn more about our 3 locations that can offer your business a virtual legal department for a fixed monthly fee. Santomassimo Davis LLP provides Outside General Counsel Solutions in New JerseyNew York, and Philadelphia.

Our team of highly experienced attorneys is ready to help manage the risks your business faces today. Check out these 3 key reasons for hiring Outside General Counsel™.

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