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Our Partnership with CTC Academy

At OGC Solutions® we believe in the power of collaboration and continuous learning. This belief is at the core of our partnership with CTC Academy, a remarkable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational and therapeutic services for students with diverse developmental disabilities.

Our journey with CTC Academy began with a shared commitment to making a positive impact on our community. CTC Academy’s long-standing history of supporting students and families facing developmental challenges aligns seamlessly with our mission to create opportunities for growth and inclusivity.  As partners, we’ve worked hand in hand to support their initiatives, contributing not only resources but also our passion for making a difference. Together, we’ve strived to foster an environment of compassion, growth, and learning for everyone involved.

One of the highlights of our partnership with CTC Academy was the privilege of hosting their Annual Board of Directors Retreat. This event, held at OGC Solutions® headquarters on October 7th, brought together dedicated board members, educators, and professionals in the field.  The retreat’s agenda was carefully crafted to empower attendees with the knowledge and tools they needed to make a lasting impact in the realm of developmental disabilities. We explored high-performing board best practices, the role of philanthropy in fostering growth, and the intricacies of building a successful culture of inclusivity.

The retreat was not just a board meeting but a transformative experience. It allowed us to connect on a deeper level with CTC Academy’s passionate team and the board members who play a pivotal role in the organization’s success.  We were honored to have Dennis C Miller, a renowned Retreat Facilitator, lead the discussions. As a group, we delved into the fundamentals of nonprofit high-performance boards, exploring their characteristics, roles, and relationships with executives. It was a day filled with enlightening discussions, shared insights, and a collective commitment to making a difference.

As we reflect on our partnership and the successful hosting of the Annual Board of Directors Retreat, we are inspired to continue our journey of growth and collaboration with CTC Academy. Together, we’re poised to make an even greater impact on the lives of students and families facing developmental disabilities. Together, we’re writing a story of inclusivity, empowerment, and progress.  Thank you CTC Academy for allowing us to be part of your remarkable journey.


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