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Santomassimo Davis LLP is a specialty law firm that helps companies manage their legal and regulatory risk exposure in a cost-effective manner.   We rely upon our extensive experience and provide a variety of attractive financial arrangements, including our Outside General Counsel™ offering, on either a fixed-fee or hourly basis.  The combinations of experience and cost-effective billing arrangements make us a go-to counsel for sophisticated companies that include substantial North American subsidiaries of global companies and PE-owned firms.  

Our fixed-fee Outside General Counsel™ service offering is one way that we provide our clients with special financial value.  As a result, our OGC™ Solutions model is intended to give small and mid-sized clients the benefits of a dedicated legal department and/or compliance staff at significantly lower costs. This happens through billing arrangements tailored to meet their specific needs.  We work with you to understand your business model, industry, and strategic goals – like any good General Counsel services should.  The service benefit comes particularly from having a single point of contact for legal matters, and a team of dedicated lawyers who understand and get involved with the business at all levels, including working at your offices in some cases, all for a fixed fee. 

Fixed-fee billing eliminates concerns about the usage of services and encourages regular interaction with counsel. Our attendance at business meetings, and earlier involvement in activities that prevent risk.  In the case of several clients, we also serve as their Corporate Secretaries, Chief Compliance Officers or compliance leads as part of an OGC™ offering.  

Expertise in Outside General Counsel™

Our lawyers’ broad experience with the issues that concern mid-size and small-cap companies allows us to provide the OGC™ Solution with little need for outside assistance.  Those areas of expertise include:

  • Advising and counseling management teams and board of directors
  • Employment, labor and employee relations and litigation
  • Contract preparation, review and negotiation
  • Commercial litigation and arbitration
  • Corporate and transactional counseling
  • Insurance coverage and claims
  • Intellectual property, especially trademarks and copyrights
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Dispute resolution
  • Products liability
  • Commercial real estate
  • Environmental counseling
  • Corporate governance, compliance and ethics

Outside General Counsel™ Solutions for Clients  

An OGC™ engagement is tailored for each client and is perfect for mid-cap companies, private equity-owned firms, and family offices.  Therefore, in an Outside General Counsel™ relationship, we lead the legal and regulatory functions that encompass the following areas:

  • Providing strategic advice to the senior management team; attending team meetings
  • Supporting the Human Resources leader
  • Providing strategic advice on all aspects of human resources, employee relations, and labor relations issues
  • Corporate governance:  including acting as secretary of your board meetings, and preparing and maintaining minutes and resolutions
  • Corporate and transactional counseling
  • Dispute resolution

How Much Do We Charge For Outside General Counsel™ Services?

We offer clients real fixed-fee billing for Outside General Counsel™ services, which gives clients financial predictability and creates a true virtual law department.  We determine the fixed fee based on a client’s individual needs, our experience, and national reference tools for law departments. This makes the entire firm available under the retainer.  OGC™ is not a “retainer” relationship in which a client pays in advance for a given number of attorney hours – which only benefits the law firm, not the client.  Some clients prefer a more traditional hourly services model. We provide the same OGC solution at cost-effective rates that are a fraction of those commonly seen elsewhere in the marketplace.

There are many advantages to hiring additional counsel, that’s why it’s important to focus on these considerations when making such an important decision.

Let our team at OGC™ Solutions provide you with the best and most trusted Outside General Counsel™ in the tri-state! We can be the bridge to growing your business.

Contact us to discuss how an Outside General Counsel™ Solution can create a virtual legal department for your company, giving you on-demand access to your OGC Solutions team. 

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