Real Estate & Construction

For many businesses, real estate & construction is at their heart.  For others, the real estate comprises one of their largest expenses and a large source of liability exposure.  We are highly skilled commercial real estate lawyers who help clients with commercial and industrial real estate, to acquire it, dispose of it, or manage it during and after occupancy; such as with regard to financing transactions and discharging their environmental obligations. 

Along with their other needs, clients rely upon our practical but focused approach, and to manage the spectrum of legal, business and financial details.  The transactions range from distressed industrial sites to Class A office leases, to the construction of premier assets.

Real estate matters are almost always a part of our Outside General Counsel™ Solutions.  Having an experienced OGC™ oversee your legal needs related to real estate is an important risk management component.

Why OGC™ Solutions?

There are many advantages to hiring additional counsel for advice on a real estate transaction. It is important to focus on these considerations when making such an major decision.

Let our team at OGC™ Solutions provide you with the best and most trusted Outside General Counsel™ in the tri-state! We can be the bridge to growing your business.

Contact us to discuss how an Outside General Counsel™ solution would create a virtual legal department for your company.

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